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Sunday, 27 July 2014

#10 Scarlett Johansson
It'd be bloody difficult to find a man (or woman) on this planet who doesn't love Scarlett Johansson. What with her enchanting smile, cracking sense of humour and mathematically impossible curves, she wouldn't look out of place on a '50s pin-up poster.
With that in mind, it's hardly surprising that she's been in every single FHM 100 Sexiest since 2005, hitting the dizzying heights of 3rd place in 2007 and continuing to top countless other nationwide polls ever since.

#9 Nicole Scherzinger

#8 Lucy Mecklenburgh

It's been a phenomenal 12 months for Lucy Mecklenburgh. She officially left TOWIE, she was voted Best Bikini Body 2013, her online fitness business Results With Lucy exploded (in a good way) and let's not forget her mind-meltingly sexy FHM cover shoot.

#7 Beyonce

From bringing the sass in Destiny's Child to reinventing herself into the biggest popstar in the entire world, Beyonce's place in FHM 100 Sexiest, 2014 has definitely been earned.
Seriously, imagine a world without Mrs Carter? Imagine how much more fed up Jay Z would look all of the time. Imagine what you'd be dancing too at 3am on a Saturday when you're boozed to the eyeballs and rediscovering an avid interest in pop music?

#6 Mila Kunis

Wipe away a tear, Mila Kunis fans. Last year's 100 Sexiest winner has not retained her crown.
Even so, placing 6th is nothing to sniff at, especially when Mila hasn't really been in anything particularly notable this year. She's mainly just been photographed smooching Ashton Kutcher and being possibly maybe pregnant.
With that in mind, coming 6th is quite the testament to what a phenomenally sexy being she clearly is.

#5 Kaley Cuoco

Not content with bursting into the top 10 in 2013, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco has moved on up from 6th place to 5th and can officially call herself sexier than Mila Kunis, Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson.
If you don't watch The Big Bang Theory (saaay whaaaat?) then you might be a tad unfamiliar. Not to worry - when Kaley sexed up the pages of FHM last July, she also gave us a nifty little fact sheet.

#4 Emily Ratajkowski

If you haven’t heard of Emily Ratajkowski, you've either been hiding in a hole in a remote desert (a hole without MTV), or you're deaf.
Don't worry though, even if you are hard of hearing you can still enjoy the sight of this fist-bitingly awesome British-born model.
The 22-year-old burst into everybodies retinas like a sexy nuclear bomb last year when she appeared in Robin Thicke’s definitely NSFW video for Blurred Lines.

#3 Rihanna
Coming in at an extremely respectable third place, it's pop bad girl RiRi. A lady that can't go a single week without inadvertantly melting Instagram, doing something awesome, be it being a god damn rockstar in a nightclub or getting an ill-judged photo taken with an exotic animal.
Here's a load of extremely GIFtastic reasons why she's the third sexiest woman in the entire world AND the sexiest popstar in the entire universe.
You could say that they're the GIFs that keep on GIFing...

#2 Michelle Keegan
Had you worried for a second there, didn't we?
Speech! Speech! Michelle would like to say a few words...
“I'm totally taken back by this, it really does mean a lot. Thank you so much to the readers of FHM and everyone who took the time and voted for me, I'm so flattered. I believe that being 'sexy' isn't wearing lots of heavy make-up or having the perfect hair or figure, it's about self confidence, being comfortable with yourself, smiling and being happy!"

#1 Jennifer Lawrence

The past 12 months have seen Jennifer’s career rocket off into the stratosphere.

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